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Oil And Petroleum Products

Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading crude oil and refined petroleum products. We trade across the barrels and across many geographical areas and ports. . We source products from all locations and can deliver on-time, on-spec shipments almost anywhere. We support producers, invest in terminals and transportation, and meet the most demanding delivery mandates

Bunker Supplies

With networks that span the globe, we are able to provide Marine Fuel requirements and also a wide variety of Lubricants that could prove crucial in ensuring timely maintenance and repairs.

Ship Stores & Supplies

With connections to our vast networks, we are able to source for supplies quickly and with low cost. We are also an accredited Shipping agency. We source only the freshest and best suppliers to provide for all your on-board food and beverage requirements.

Repairs & Maintenance

We provide only reliable, professional and experienced services which specialise in various repairs, maintenance and fabrication of custom parts. We also have access to a wide selection of Chemicals & Industrial Gases.

What we do at Enetrans Marine
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To provide world class services to the shipping, marine & offshore industry.

We also endeavour to provide fast hassle free one-stop solutions to all our clients.

Through our vast networks, we can guarantee efficient decisive solutions what will result in time and cost savings.

  • We deliver a professional attitude 100% of the time

  • Enetrans Marine is 100% Results Oriented

  • Make an enquiry and find out how you can save up to 50% of your costs.

  • Through swift and decisive actions, your tasks will be completed in half the time, or less.

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